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“Why the name?”

Ink & Dagger was a short-lived punk band from Philadelphia, originally active from 1995 to 1999. If they were known by anyone at all, it was for the confrontational theatricality of their live shows. It wasn’t uncommon for them to carry their singers onstage in a coffin or spout a crowd in crude fake blood, all while in some ridiculous impression of undead vampire makeup. They did this every night. The band disbanded after releasing one and a half albums (a normal occurrence with bands in their scene) when both members felt that the project was done. Neither of them touched the music scene again.

They knew they weren’t going to make history, and they didn’t. They knew that forty, maybe fifty people would see them a night, if that. And what they had, they knew they couldn’t do forever. As a teenager, all of this immediately struck me as influential. Nothing stopped them from giving a full effort, and they refused to hold back just because they weren’t famous or popular. Art by any means necessary. All of a sudden, I believed in that, too.

So that’s what you get with Dagger & Ink. We specialize in creative solutions on lower budgets, collaborative efforts that push boundaries wherever possible, and throwing caution to the wind even before walking into pre-production. D&I is here to make things happen – however we can, as much as we can, by any means necessary. Let’s get to work.

-Ross Lampert

Poster by Tony Patryn: patrynize.com
Photo by Cary Davis: @humanstoriesphotography
Poster by Tony Patryn: patrynize.com

“When you’re writing, there’s two things you’re going through (and you better be going through one of them): one of them is, this’ll kill ’em. And the other is, this will kill me.”

David Mamet

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